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Edwards-Lowell Furs

Edwards-Lowell Furs over 75 Years in Beverly Hills

Huge collection of vintage & modern fur coats, jackets, accessoires and more.

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Edwards-Lowell Charities on our premises Edwards-Lowell

Edwards-Lowell Furs, a well-known furrier has been serving the LA area for 75 years now. Our company made furs for lots of legendary Hollywood celebrities. Edwards-Lowell furs have been spreading their charm on several red carpets, charity events and in plays and movies.

Our company is proud to be involved in different charities. Supporting schools, hospitals, cancer awareness initiatives and many more charities in the LA area, we organize fashion shows, donate pieces to auctions and try to help where we can.

If you want to know more about charities on our premises, please check our website or ask in store. The scheduled events, generally once a week, will be announced shortly.