Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Edwards-Lowell will continue to provide our customers with servicing your fur needs - Cold Storage, Cleaning & Repairs

Cold storage for your fur and luxury outerwear in LA

Buying a fur coat is a big investment and the beautiful piece needs to be looked after. Especially if you need to put your fur in storage. For protection of your fur from insects, heat damage or mildew we have come up with a special cold storage solution, unique to the LA area. A state-of-the-art, 2-story cold storage vault that is temperature and humidity controlled. It will protect your luxury outerwear, helps to preserve fur and leather and makes the insects go dormant.

Our climate controlled storage vault is located on premises in LA so your beautiful piece doesn't have to be sent off to another facility. That provides you with a quicker turnaround also in case you just want to revitalize your fur or restyle it (by making a spectacular new jacket, vest or fur-lined coat out of the old one) without leaving it in storage.

Our exclusive cleaning and glazing process is available for your furs, raincoats and shearings. Prepared so that every coat or jacket can be put in cold storage to be preserved upon request.

Test our perfect cold storage facilities in LA with optimal conditions for your furs, leather and other luxury outerwear.