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About Us

Full service on premises! From cold storage vault and cleaning to repairs! High quality and quick turnaround time! Large parking lot on premises! In Beverly Hills for over 75 years!

Pick up & delivery service always available! Welcome at Edwards-Lowell Furs in Beverly Hills! We are a well-known and established furrier serving Los Angeles area for the last 75 years. Edwards-Lowell already made furs for legendary celebrities of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Besides a huge collection of modern and vintage furs & accessories we offer our clients an in Los Angeles area unique full service for furs, leather and luxury outerwear – appraisals, cleaning, glazing, repairs and cold storage – all available on premises. Your fur will not be sent off to another facility, which means quick turnaround time and high service quality.

Edwards-Lowell, the Beverly Hills furrier world-renowned for their quality craftsmanship, innovative styling and unparalleled customer service celebrates over 75 years of serving the Beverly Hills/Hollywood community.

Edwards-Lowell Furs was founded by Merrill Lowell in 1940 and quickly earned a reputation for the rare and beautiful in original fur fashions. Inspired by art and music, Mr. Lowell developed design and manufacturing techniques in fur that set the standard for the industry. Techniques such as the texturing of mink to create geometrics are still considered innovative even today and enable Lowell Furs to offer the first mink in herringbone and houndstooth. Each year Lowell would cover the European shows for fashion direction and his team would travel to Paris, Milan and New York for further fashion inspiration, to Lenningrad for the purchase of Sable and Lynx and to the fur auction centers of Seattle and New York for the purchase of the highest quality mink.

Joined by his wife, Grace, in 1961 they developed a client base that included some of the greatest Hollywood legends of all time. Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mae West, Ella Fitzgerald, Lana Turner, Sammy Davis are just some ot the icons that have worn Lowell’s original fur fashion designs.

Today the new generation of Edwards-Lowell features the hottest fur fashions and outerwear targeted specially to the lifestyle of the active Southern California customer. Their buyers shop the top designer showrooms in New York, Italy and Paris to bring the finest selection of fur fashions to Beverly Hills. Celebrities, international jet-setters and style leaders rely on Edwards-Lowell for their unparalleled customer design work as well as their attentive services and absolute honesty and integrity.

The Edwards-Lowell salon at 8712 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills offers convenient on-site parking. A state-of-the-art, 2-story cold storage vault that is temperature and humidity controlled, fully staffed design studio and an elegant salon showcasing the exciting collections of fur fashions, leather, cashmeres, shearlings and accessories make Edwards-Lowell Southern California's complete destination for the finest in fur and luxury outerwear.

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