Modern and vintage furs in Beverly Hills

Noble furs have kept their fascinating image over the centuries – every woman feels a little bit of star allure trying on a silky chinchilla coat or a stylish and flattering mink jacket. At Edwards-Lowell in Beverly Hills you can discover our wonderful collections of modern and vintage furs.

Edwards-Lowell features the hottest fur fashions and outerwear targeted specially to the lifestyle of the active Southern California customer. Our trend sensitive buyers shop in the top designer showrooms in New York, Italy and Paris to bring the finest selection of fur fashions to Beverly Hills. Celebrities, international jet-setters and style leaders rely on Edwards-Lowell for their unparalleled customer design work as well as their attendant services and absolute honesty and integrity.

Fully staffed design studio and an elegant salon showcasing the exciting collections of fur fashions, leather, cashmeres, shearings and accessories make Edwards-Lowell Southern California's complete destination for the finest in fur and luxury outerwear.

Modern furs in Berverly Hills

Discover our collection of fashionable modern furs in outstanding quality – fine, lightweight furs, coats and jackets in fox, mink, chinchilla, Rex rabbit, racoon and most any fur you desire. We offer you the best prices in LA.

A fur coat doesn't have to be brand new to be fabulous! Some rarities you can only buy vintage. We have the biggest collection of vintage furs in Beverly Hills and LA and are a supplier for a lot of vintage stores. We offer you quality products only and of course the best prices in town. We also do trade-ins for your old fur!